Our Customers’ satisfaction always comes first

We can guarantee both on-time execution and maximum safety at the same time

We focus on experience and development

We offer our Customers a profitable business relationship

We are always in the right place at the right time

Our precision and quality of performance make us different

enquiries for quotations

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about us

We’ve been providing construction and assembly services since 2006. Through all these years we’ve gained experience and established contacts thanks to which we are able to execute individual projects with full professionalism from top to bottom.

who we are?

DIW Konstrukcje Sp. z o.o. group is exclusively composed of qualified workers with adequate skills and experience in execution of construction projects.

Why are we worth your choice?

precision of execution and care for details


We offer a professional and individual approach to every order. We care about every little detail. We want to be proud of the completed projects once we deliver them.

international experience


We have experience in the Dutch market where we learnt about the newest technologies and we acquainted ourselves with the work organisation systems used there. We’ve put all these elements into practice and we make use of them on the domestic market.

guarantee of quality


We perform all our projects in compliance with the newest European standards. We employ about 30 highly qualified workers with an international experience.